When you aren't around ... bunnies kiss! (Part 3) / by Dani Dodge

Ever wonder what happens when you aren’t around at the Prime Desert Woodlands Preserve. What do the animals do? Well, I wanted to find out. And, boy, was I shocked. Did you know jackrabbits “kissed” and “played”? Just watch these videos!

This is the third in a three-part series, each catching a different vantage point in the Preserve with a motion sensor camera. This camera was placed just outside the large window of the visitor’s center, pointing out into the Preserve. Of the three cameras we set out, this one captured the most interaction between wildlife, and the most fun animal action. Did you know that jackrabbits played and kissed while you weren’t around? Well, I had no idea.

Thank you to Museum of Art and History Curator Robert Benitez and MOAH staff. These videos would not have been possible without your guidance and assistance.