Dani Dodge

Solo Exhibitions

2019 Shoebox Projects, “My ugly/beautiful friends” (Los Angeles)
2018 Shoebox Projects, “Then/Now”
2017 Lancaster Museum of Art and History, “Personal Territories” (Lancaster, CA)
2017 A.I.R. Gallery, “Fugitive Love Song” (Brooklyn, NY)
2016 HB Punto Experimental, “Afterfear” (San Diego, CA)
2015 LA Artcore Brewery Annex, “Peeled & Raw” (Los Angeles)
2015 Coos Art Museum, “(un)burdened” (Coos Bay, OR)
2014 San Diego Art Institute (SDAI), “Coming Home, Trailing Sand” (San Diego, CA)
2014 Pimento Fine Art, “Loyal, Brave, and True” (San Diego, CA)
2012 SDAI, “You Always Sleep Alone”
2012 Pimento Fine Art, “Picking Up the Pieces”
2012 L Street Fine Art, “Pressing Pause” (San Diego, CA)
2011 Pimento Fine Art, “Poetry in Three Languages”
2011 Pimento Fine Art, “Defying Gravity”
2010 Pimento Fine Art, “Graffiti Pink Paris”
2010 Pimento Fine Art, “Stories Without Words”
2008 The Perfect Frame, “New York Rhythm” (Carlsbad, CA)

Public Art and Special Projects

2018 Cow House Studios, “Fortunate to have wandered,” an outdoor site-specific installation (Ireland)
2018 MexiCali Biennial, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, “Bright Lights,” (interactive installation), curators Ed Gomez, Luis Hernandez, Daniela Lieja Quintanar, (Los Angeles)
2018 MuzeuMM, “Screenburn” (installation), curators Brian Jones and Ed Gomez, (Los Angeles)
2017 Five public performances in Lancaster, CA. Organizer: Lancaster Museum of Art and History
2017 stARTup Art Fair, “Mend,” interactive installation (Los Angeles)
2017 Happening en el Valle, “Festival Internacional De Arte Contemporaneo” (Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico)
2016 Brewery Artwalk, “Peeled & Raw Deux,” interactive installation/public art (Los Angeles)
2016 BLAM, “Make These Choices," interactive installation (Los Angeles)
2016 Happening en el Valle, “Festival Internacional De Arte Contemporaneo” (Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico)
2015 New Museum Los Gatos, “Dreams,” installation/performance (Los Gatos, CA)
2015 Inland Empire Museum of Art, “Throw Stones,” installation (Pomona, CA)
2015 WeHo Reads Banned Books, “Story Time,” public art performance/installation (West Hollywood, CA)
2015 Perform Chinatown: Rush Hour, “Slow Down, You Move Too Fast,” installation/performance (Los Angeles)
2015 LA Pride 2015, “CONFESS,” installation/performance (West Hollywood, CA)
2015 Inglewood Public Library, “Code,” installation (Inglewood, CA)
2015 Brewery Artwalk, “Slow Down,” installation/performance
2014 LA Pride 2014, “Inalienable Promises,” installation/performance
2014 Perform Chinatown: Chaos Reigns, “Chaos of Promises,” installation/performance
2014 Pulse Gallery, “Message in a Bottle,” installation (San Diego)
2013 San Diego International Airport, “Natural Blonde,” public art installation
2012 Art San Diego/Contemporary Art Fair, curated solo booth


2019 Prime Desert Woodland Preserve, Lancaster, CA
2018/2021 Mojave National Preserve, Kelso CA
2018 Cow House Studios, County Wexford, Ireland
2018 Shoebox Projects, Los Angeles, CA
2017 Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA

Museum Collections

Lancaster Museum of Art and History, Lancaster, CA
New Museum Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA
Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR
Inland Empire Museum of Art, Upland, CA


Durden and Ray, Los Angeles
A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Selected Group Shows

2019 MŰTŐ, Dreams Upon Waking, (Budapest, Hungary)
2019 QiPO art fair (Mexico City, Mexico)
2019 Spring/Break art fair (Los Angeles)
2019 Durden and Ray, Matter of Size, curator Max Presneill (Los Angeles)
2019 Durden and Ray, Disclosure, curators Dani Dodge and Alanna Macelletti

2018 Galleries of Contemporary Art, University of Colorado, Collectivity, curator Daisy McGowan+ (Colorado Springs, CO)
2018 Aegean Center for Fine Arts, A heap of broken images where the sun beats, curators Alison Woods and Dimitra Skandali (Paros, Greece)
2018 Supermarket Art Fair, Slaughterhouse 5 (Stockholm Sweden)
2018 PØST, Spell Check, curator Dani Dodge (Los Angeles)
2018 PØST, Let Me Eat Cake, curator Kristine Schomaker
2018 Durden and Ray, Dragnet: 832, curator Max Presneill+ (Los Angeles)
2018 Durden and Ray, Synthetic Shorelines, curator Freyja Eilíf of Ekkisens Art Space in Reykjavík, Iceland
2018 Blue Roof Studios, Imagine, curator Kristine Schomaker (Los Angeles)
2018 Korean Cultural Center, Odd Convergences, curator Gul Cagin+ (Los Angeles)
2018 Torrance Art Museum, Co/LabIII, curator Alison Woods+ (Torrance, CA)
2018 Torrance Art Museum, “Odyssey II,” curator Max Presneill
2018 Durden and Ray, “Book Club: Speedboat,” curator Steven Wolkoff
2018 Shoebox Projects, “Feminism Now,” curator Kristine Schomaker (Los Angeles)
2018 Oxnard College McNish Gallery, “Inverted Realities,” curator Gul Cagin (Oxnard, CA)

2017 Charlie James Gallery, “Black Mirror,” curator Julia Schwartz (Los Angeles)
2017 HilbertRaum, “Entangled Loci,” curator Max Presneill (Berlin, Germany)
2017 Durden and Ray, “Static,” co-curator Dani Dodge
2017 A.I.R. Gallery, “Gathering Differences,” curator Helga Christoffersen (Brooklyn, NY)
2017 Durden and Ray, “Book Club: Going Native,” curator Steven Wolkoff (Los Angeles)
2017 Durden and Ray, “Round Won,” curator Steven Wolkoff
2017 Brand Library & Art Center, “The Collectivists,” curator Kara Tome (Glendale, CA)
2017 Brand Library & Art Center, “Works on Paper,” curator Leslie Jones
2017 Loft at Liz’s, “Diverted Destruction 10: The Alumni Show,” curator Liz Gordon (Los Angeles)
2017 Balconi Coffee Company, “Faux Sho: Post Suprematism,” curator Kio Griffith (Los Angeles)
2017 Balconi Coffee Company, “Red on Red,” curator Kio Griffith

2016 A.I.R. Gallery, “In the Secret Garden,” curator Rocio Aranda-Alvarado
2016 Women’s Museum of California, “Night Stand,” curated by Feminist Image Group (San Diego, CA
2016 Torrance Art Museum, “MAS Attack 13,” curated by Artra Curatorial (Torrance, CA)
2016 HB Punto Experimental, “Connective Intimations,” curator Hugo Heredia Barrera
2016 BLAM, “Shift and Fade,” curators Dani Dodge and Alanna Marcelletti
2016 BLAM, “Concrete,” curatorial coordinator David Spanbock
2016 Valokuvakeskus Peri (Photographic Centre Peri) “Homing Pigeon,” curator Kio Griffith (Turku, Finland)
2016 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), “Femmes Video Art Festival” curator Micol Hebron
2016 LACE, “(En)Gendered (In)Equity: The Gallery Tally Poster Project,” organized by Micol Hebron
2016 Art Share L.A., “Flight Patterns,” curated by Art Share committee (Los Angeles)
2016 ArtCenter College of Design, “Discrete Substances,” curator Delbar Shahbaz (Los Angeles)
2016 Gabba Gallery, “Curate This 2,” curators Phil Santos and Jason Ostro (Los Angeles)
2016 Gallery 825, “Multiple Feeds,” curator Peter Mays (Los Angeles)
2016 Fine Art Complex 1101, “MAS Attack 10” curated by Artra Curatorial (Tempe, AZ)
2016 I5 Gallery, “Shifting Ground,” a pop-up show (Los Angeles)

2015 Gallery 825, “Open Show,” installation, curated by Leslie Jones
2015 A.I.R. Gallery, “Transformed Viewpoints,” curated by Charlotta Kotik
2015 Loft at Liz’s, “Diverted Destruction,” curated by Liz Gordon (Los Angeles)
2015 SDAI, “(Con)Text: Rethinking Language in Art,” installation, curated by Ginger Shulick Porcella
2015 Women Made Gallery, “18th International Open,” curated by Gill Gatfield (Chicago, IL)
2015 Central Booking, “Connections,” curated by Joyce Weinstein (LES, NY)
2015 Prohibition Gallery, “The Telephone Game,” curated by Essi Zimm (Culver City, CA)
2015 Temporary Space, “MASque Attack 10,” curated by Artra Curatorial (Los Angeles)
2015 SDAI, “MAS Attack 8,” curated by Artra Curatorial (San Diego)
2015 Downey Civic Center, “Reflections,” curated by Eloisa Ball & Pat Gil (Downey, CA)

2014 Gallery 825, “Multiple Feeds,” a three-artist video installation, curated by Peter Mays
2014 Gallery 825, “The Non-Objective Moment” curated by Cynthia Penna
2014 A.I.R. Gallery, “Liminal Communities,” curated by Lucy Li
2014 Gallery I5, “Charmed & Strange,” a pop-up show
2014 Gallery I5, “The Painted DOT,” curated by Baha H. Danesh
2014 Brewery Artwalk, spring and fall, (Los Angeles, CA)
2014 Santa Monica Studios, “MAS Attack 7,” curated by Artra Curatorial (Santa Monica, CA)
2014 Creative ABQ, “MAS Attack 5,” curated by Artra Curatorial (Albuquerque, NM)
2014 Gallery 825, “LAAA Benefit Auction”
2014 Eastern Sierra Interagency Visitor Center, “Fukuhara Masters Show” curator Al Setton (Lone Pine, CA)
2014 Manzanar Interpretive Center, “Henry Fukuhara Group Show,” also 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, (Lone Pine)

2013 Inland Empire Museum of Art, “Stories from the Art” curated by Gene Sasse (online)
2013 A.I.R. Gallery, “Generations IX: The Red/Pink Show”
2013 Torrance Art Museum, “Open Video Night” (Torrance, CA)
2013 Gallery 825, “LAAA Benefit Auction”
2013 The Gallery Beverly Hills, “Art Party” featured artist (Beverly Hills)
2013 Keystone Fine Art Group Show, Keystone Fine Art Studios (Los Angeles)

2012 Coos Art Museum, “Expressions West”
2012 CCAA Museum of Art, “8 X 10” (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)
2012 SDAI, Southern California Awards Exhibition
2012 L Street Fine Art, “Degrees of Departure”
2012 Pulse Gallery, “Under the Influence.” Curated by Peter Frank. (San Diego)

2011 SDAI, International Show
2011 Coos Art Museum, “Expressions West”
2011 Thousand Oaks Community Center, “Five Artists” (Thousand Oaks, CA)

2010 Climate/Gallery, “Putting it All Together” (Long Island City, NY)
2010 San Diego Watercolor Society International Show
2010 Climate/Gallery, “Paint!”
2010 California Watercolor Association National Exhibition (San Francisco)

2009 Society of Watercolor Artists Juried Art Exhibition (Fort Worth, TX)
2009 Long Beach Arts, “Works on Paper” (HM) (Long Beach, CA)
2009 Palm Springs Art Museum Artist Council National Juried Exhibition (Palm Springs, CA)

2008 Long Beach Arts, “Works on Paper Exhibition,” HM, (Long Beach, CA)

2007 Palm Springs Art Museum Artist Council National Juried Exhibition

2005 Ventura County Fair, Fine Art Division (Ventura, CA)

2004 Thousand Oaks Community Gallery, “Splash 2004” (Thousand Oaks, CA)
2004 Ventura County Fair, Amateur Division

2003 Thousand Oaks Community Gallery, “Splash 2003”

Selected Awards

2017 Showcase Winner in ArtSlant 3rd, 5th, and 6th 2017 Showcase, sculpture, installation

2016 Named one of the “Outstanding Public Arts Projects of 2015,” Americans for the Arts
2016 Juried Winner in ArtSlant 5th 2016 Showcase, installation
2016 Juried Winner in ArtSlant 3rd 2016 Showcase, new media
2016 Showcase Winner in Artslant 2nd, 7th, and 8th 2016 Showcase, installation

2015 Showcase Winner in ArtSlant 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th, 2015 Showcase, installation

2013 1st Place, Expressions West, Coos Art Museum
2013 Showcase Winner in ArtSlant 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th 2013 Showcase, installation, painting, mixed media
2013 Silver Medal Winner, Art Labology International Showcase (online)

2012 Juror’s Choice, SDAI: Museum of the Living Artist, regional show

2011 Showcase Winner in ArtSlant 6th 2011 Showcase, painting

2010 Featured Artist, Mission Federal ArtWalk, (San Diego)
2010 1st (and juror commendation), “'Top 100” (San Diego)
2010 1st (and 2nd), mixed media, Fallbrook Art Association Open Show (Fallbrook, CA)

2009 Best of Show, Bonita Museum annual fine art exhibit (Bonita, CA)
2009 People's Choice Award, San Diego County Fair Fine Art Exhibition

2008 1st place, San Diego Watercolor Society cash awards show
2008 1st place, mixed media, Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League, “Open Show” (Carlsbad, CA)

2007 1st place, The Studio of Art and Design, Water Media Open Show (Solana Beach, CA)

2004 HM, Ventura County Fair, Amateur Division (Ventura, CA)


Art history and art studio classes at Art Center at Night (ArtCenter College of Design), UCLA Extension,
West Valley College, and private study
Bachelor of Arts, San Jose State University