Selected Media (highlighted media in bold)

April/May 2019 “Taking Art to Nature,” whole life times
April 2019 “Dani Dodge: My ugly/beautiful friends,” L.A. Art Contemporary
April 2019 “
My Ugly/Beautiful Friends: Nothing but Beautiful from Dani Dodge,” Diversion LA
Jan. 2019 “
Disclosure: Art Redemption through Confession,” Art and Cake
Jan. 2019 “Ringing in the New Year,” Artillery
Jan. 2019 “Exhibition offers a take on the sacred and secular acts of confession sins,”
Jan. 2019: “Disclosure at Durden and Ray,” Datebook in Los Angeles Times
Nov. 2018: “Between self and soul: Synthetic Shorelines,” Riot Material
Nov. 2018: “A Night at the Museum:The Newest Downtown LA Museum,” BertArt Studio blog
Nov. 2018: “Specter of Documentation at Durden and Ray,” Diversions LA
Sept. 2018 "Exhibition of Los Angeles and Greek artists at Aegean Center for the Fine Arts,” CultureNow.GR
July 2018 “
4th Mexicali Biennial at LACE,” Art and Cake
July 2018 “More Cool Art in a Hot City,” Artillery
July 2018 “Mixed Media and Lively Openings,” Artillery
June 2018 “2018 July Kamikaze Exhibits at PØST,” Los Angeles Times
June 2018 “
The MexiCali Biennial, at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions,” Los Angeles Times
May 2018 “
Emulations at MuzeuMM,” Diversions LA
May 2018 “A Feast for Your Eyes,” Artillery
May 2018 “We Rise – An Art Show for Your Mental Health,” Blogtown
March 2018 “Meet Dani Dodge,” Voyage LA
Feb. 2018 “
Dani Dodge: Then/Now at Shoebox Projects,” Art and Cake
Feb. 2018 “Dani Dodge: Then/Now – Always,” Diversions LA
Feb. 2018 “Book Club: Speedboat at Durden and Ray,” Artillery
Feb. 2018 “Book Club: Speedboat Makes Art Waves at Durden and Ray,” Art and Cake
Dec. 2017 “Our Writers Name Their Top 5 Exhibitions of 2017,” Art and Cake
Dec. 2017 “ ‘Static: Artists on Media’ at Durden and Ray,” Los Angeles Times
Dec. 2017 “Static Clears Up the Air at Durden and Ray,” Diversions LA
Dec. 2017 “Static at Durden and Ray,” Art and Cake
Nov. 2017 “Dani Dodge’s Fugitive Love Song,” Art and Cake
Aug. 2017 “Taking Found Art to the Highest Level: Diverted Destruction 10,” Diversions LA
July 2017 Modern Art Blitz, episode 81 (television interview)
July 2017 “A conversation about community with Dani Dodge,” Practical Advice for Artists
June 2017 “Dani Dodge: Make Yourself at Home,” Huffington Post
June 2017 “
A Whole New World: Dani Dodge’s ‘Personal Territories’,” Art and Cake
May 2017 “Art Gone Wild with Book Club: Going Native at Durden and Ray,” Diversions LA
May 2017 “Book Club: Going Native at Durden and Ray,” Art and Cake
May 2017 “The Brewery Artwalk – Spring 2017 Edition,” Diversions LA
April 2017 “Nancy Buchanan and ‘Black Mirror,’ Visual Art Source
March 2017 “The Heroine’s Journey of Dani Dodge,” The Heroine’s Journey
March 2017 “Divide and Conquer, Durden and Ray’s “Round Won”,” Art and Cake
March 2017 “Durden and Ray: New Space, Same Passion,” Diversions LA
Jan. 2017 “Coverage: stARTup Art Fair LA Tour with Cartwheel Art,” Cartwheel Art
Dec. 2016 “Confession, Revelation and “Afterfear” in the work of Dani Dodge,” Art and Cake
Dec. 2016 “
Afterfear comes beauty,” Diversions LA
Oct. 2016 “ ‘Shift and Fade’ at BLAM,” Los Angeles Times
Oct. 2016 “Material, Metaphor and the Artist’s History on Display at BLAM Los Angeles,” Art and Cake
Oct. 2016 “Shift and Fade: Ecstatic Art Adventures at BLAM,” Diversions LA
Sept. 2016 “BLAM: ‘Shift and Fade’ Building a Collective History,” Art and Cake
Aug. 2016 “On the Distant Horizon: Beauty is Not a Mirage at BLAM,” Diversions LA
July 2016 “Dani Dodge: Honored by Americans for the Arts,” Diversions LA
July 2016 “Local Artists—Major Awards,” L.A. Art News (print publication)
May 2016 “With ‘Gallery Tally Project,’ Micol Hebron Examines Gender Inequality…,” ArtNews
March 2016 “Peeled & Raw in Los Angeles,” Trebuchet Magazine
Feb. 2016 “Yes, Curate This 2, Too,” Diversions LA
Jan. 2016 “Dani Dodge,” Colliding Worlds Radio
Jan. 2016 “MAS Attack at Fine Art Complex 1101,” The Arts Beacon
Dec. 2015 “Burn Your Fears Away in an Interactive Wallpaper Installation,” The Creators Project, Vice
Dec. 2015 “
Dani Dodge Explores the Intrusion of Fear on the Home Space in Peeled & Raw,” AEQAI
Dec. 2015 “Burning Down the Art: Dani Dodge “Peeled & Raw,” Diversions LA
Nov. 2015 “Peeled & Raw, a solo exhibition featuring Dani Dodge,” NELA Art News
Oct. 2015 “Performance and Installation Artist Dani Dodge,” Diversions LA
Sept. 2015 “WeHo Reads: Banned Books Brings Together Literature, Art and Film,” Huffington Post
Feb. 2015 “Up For Discussion: Dani Dodge’s Newest Art Installation,” Life in LA
Feb. 2015 “Dani Dodge, Artist,” Les Femmes Folles
Feb. 2015 “Art Exhibit Added to Downey Symphony Concert,” Downey Patriot
June 2014 “At the Brewery,” NELA Art News
Nov. 2013 “A Conversation in Art 2013,” (book)
Aug.  2013 “Air. Light. Place. A Presentation of New Art,” San Diego International Airport publication
May 2013 “Manzanar,” Colliding Worlds Radio
Feb. 2013 “Dani Dodge,” Colliding Worlds TV
Jan. 2013 “Snatches of Dreams and Nightmares,” The San Diego Union-Tribune
Nov. 2012 “San Diego Contemporary Art Fair,” Simply Vuela
Sept. 2012 “Art San Diego 2012,” San Diego Dining Dish
Sept. 2012 “One Arty Block Party,” The San Diego Union-Tribune
Sept. 2012 “The Souls Behind Closed Doors,” Union-Tribune
Sept. 2012 “Art Walk,” U-T TV featured Dodge painting live
June 2012 “Bold artist paints poignant stories,” The Coast News
Nov. 2011 “Guide to the Inside: Words to Pain and Back Again,” Voice of San Diego
Oct. 2011 “Words and Images,” Ranch and Coast Magazine
Fall 2011 “Fine Art Feature,” Wonderwall Magazine
Sept. 2011 “Dani Dodge: Translating Urban Reality,” Union-Tribune
Sept. 2011 “Southern California Aesthetics,” Fine Magazine
Aug. 2011 “Dani Dodge,” Art Rocks Radio
July 2011 “Who Earns What?” San Diego Magazine
Spring 2011 “Visionaries,” Wonderwall Magazine
May 2011 “Stories Without Words,” Ranch & Coast
April 2011 “Most Modern,” Pacific San Diego Magazine
April 2011 “Art Walk,” CW-6, Fox-5, KUSI (in-studio interviews and demonstrations)
March 2011 “Discovered and Uncovered: Dani Dodge,” Echo Stains
Jan.  2010 “Featured Artist Named for Mission Federal Art Walk,” Union-Tribune
March 2008 “City Scenes,” The Coast News