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QiPO Art Fair in Mexico City, Mexico

QiPO Art Fair, Mexico City, Mexico, Feb. 7 - Feb. 9, 2019

iPO 01 is the first iteration of international art exhibits co-organized by members of the QiPO curatorial collective during Art Fair Week in Mexico City. QiPO 01 features galleries, curators, artists and collectives from cities in Europe, Asia and the Americas including Mexico City, Berlin, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The galleries, curators and artist groups presenting works in QiPO 01 have been carefully selected by members of the QiPO collective, and will showcase a wide range of contemporary art works by renown national artists such as Taka Fernandez, Marcos Castro and Anibal Catalan, and those from abroad such as Konstanze Habermann and Marcus Sendlinger (Germany), Mitsuhiro Okamoto and Shusuke Ao (Japan), and Martin Durazo, Ron Athey and Carolyn Castaño (USA). QiPo will also feature a selection of video art from Finland curated by Ville Laaksonen of Art Incubator.

This event will take place at uninhabited, repurposed storefront spaces in an impressive structure constructed during the Porfiriato period in Mexico City’s Historic Center within walking distance from notable galleries and major art events happening simultaneously. The classic building and our art event is situated in front of the Reloj Chino (Chinese clock), one of Mexico City’s emblematic roundabout monuments which was gifted to the city from China more than 100 years ago.

Unlike other gallery shows and fairs happening during this time, QiPO 01 will be a multi-project exhibition conceived, designed and hand-made by the organizers from the ground up. Not so much a radical departure, we hope this showcase will provide an unconventional and refreshing context to the city’s more “official” events.

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