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Losing Perspective


3 videos on iPads, prescription eyeglass lenses, mirrors, fishing line

24 inches by 36 inches

"Losing Perspective" incorporates three videos, mirrors, iPads, and different woven patterns of fishing lines with prescription eyeglasses. It asks: What are we seeking? Do we see it when it stands before us? Do we hold it in our hands but let it slip through our fingers? It explores the accidental and natural ways we lose focus. And asks: Is that maybe, really what we wanted all along?

Look in the mirror.

Video 1: Scene opens on a woman's face. She is wearing glasses. It pans down to her hands in her lap. The woman holds about 50 eyeglass lenses in her hands. She shifts them from hand to hand, and then drops them onto the concrete table where she sits. Most stay intact. Some break.

Video 2: Three or four dozen eyeglass lenses are scattered on top of a small rock at the beach. The tide comes in. With each wave a few of the eyeglass lenses are taken out to sea. Until there is just one left, tangled in the green moss of the rock, it resists the ocean.

Video 3: An old man walks away from the camera on a bridge. As he walks he drops eyeglass lenses onto the wooden foot bridge. The clunking sound can be heard over the river below. As he walks out of the scene, a middle-aged man walks onto the bridge and away from the camera. He also drops lenses. Then a young man. Then, the woman in the first video. Final shot is the bridge, strewn with discarded lenses.