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Make These Choices

Make These Choices


Installation: Video, paper airplanes and an instruction booklet to lead participants on an exploration of imagining and actuation. Participants first encounter the installation as a round cocktail table outside the room. It has handmade "instruction manuals," pencils in a can, and paper for making paper airplanes.

9 feet by 18 feet by 10 feet

Inside the booklet:

Part A. The voyage.

1. Where do you want to go? Write it.

2. Fold it.

3. Throw it in The Room

Part B. The Room.

1. Go in.

(Things await you.)

There is then a hand-drawn diagram of how to fold a paper airplane.

On the back are the words "You can take this home with you."

They have to squeeze past the table to get into a room where the walls are covered with mirrors and mylar and reflective tape. Two videos play and bounce off the mirrors. One is of clouds outside an airplane window that ends up best focused on the white shag rug on the floor. The other is of people’s feet at Grand Central Terminal running to catch trains.

The floor is covered in white carpet, but when they walk on it, the surface isn’t flat, there are odd pops and squeals. Do they walk on the paper planes? It is disorienting and exhilarating.

There are several stacks of suitcases in the room. Noises come from inside two of the suitcases, one sounds from a bar in the desert, and the other, a GPS voice that has lost its way. One of them holds a video projector, is filled with sand and vacation tchotchkes.

In the middle of the room is a very comfortable brown leather easy chair. People sit in the chair. One one side of them is a small side table with two piles of Polaroids. D1 and D2. A sign says “Pick one.”

One stack of Polaroids is images of classic cocktails. The other is distractions such as cell phones, Facebook, porn, money and cupcakes. One the back of the Polaroids are the words, “Leave it behind.” On the other side of the person in the chair is a slide projector. They advance the slides - which include vacation images from the aritst's childhood, as well as other people's vacations purchased off of eBay - until they find one they want.

They leave the room. But before walking out notice a piece of paper taped to the wall

It reads:

"Confused? Call 1-800-525-1537."

If they call the number they get a recording of the artist's voice:

“Here’s the deal. Life is full of choices. Make one. Then get out of the chair and do it.”

Make These Choices

Make These Choices

Make These Choices

Make These Choices

Make These Choices

Make These Choices

Make These Choices

Make These Choices